usgbc w hok, leed platinum haiti school

usgbc w hok, leed platinum haiti school

posted on 12.01.12

Support Teacher Salary in Haiti

Hello, I’m trying to raise money for a small school outside of Jacmel, Haiti.  The school (pictured above) has a lot of needs but they have identified teacher salary as the most critical, followed by school supplies and a lunch program. 

I was in Haiti as part of the rebuilding effort for an orphanage when I met a student who asked me if I could find help for his school.  His hopes are very modest compared with so many of the overwhelming problems in Haiti so please help out if you can, even small scale donations will make a huge positive difference.   

The school has 40 children and is located near the beautiful Bassin Bleu waterfall.  They use the cinder block walls of an old church and tarp roof for a classrooom, which they’re fine with, they’d just like to be able to pay their teachers a small salary! Education is truly Haiti’s main hope for the future, please help be a part of progress!   

Thank you!

posted on 10.11.22

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