"House in Ibiza 2" in Jesús, Balearic Islands, Spain by Roberto Ercilla


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Angophora House, Avalon, AUS, by Richard Leplastrier.

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 Clive Nichols photographs a modern Mediterranean 


 Clive Nichols photographs a modern Mediterranean 

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Big Rock House Jetty

Residence in Kangaroo Valley
New South Wales, Australia

Design: Edward Szewczyk + Associates Architects

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| marcel breuer | hooper house II | 1959 |


| marcel breuer | hooper house II | 1959 |

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Casa 1101  |  H Arquitectes
Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
More Info & Photos: Afasia Archzine + Flickr  |  Photography: Adrià Goula

- The proposal searches the balance between placing the maximum number of rooms on the ground floor yet keeping the garden free from masonry work volumes. This idea is developed through a volumetric composition shaped in three boxes spread throughout the garden, almost aligned and located in the plot northern side creating a wide outer zone facing south. The first box, to the east, houses the children’s area with three single bedrooms upstairs and a playroom on the ground floor. The second one, in the centre, accommodates the main room: the kitchen, a nearly 30square metre and 4metre high room dominated by a large fireplace. The third box, to the west, contains the parents’ zone, with the bedroom at the garden level and a high ceiling studio on the first floor.

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casa ventura ~ tatiana bilbao


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House for a Photographer | Hyde Architects

(Source: archatlas)

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when i was growing up in new york and connecticut i imagined california as looking like this. palm trees and architecture that looked nothing like the center hall colonials of connecticut or the tenements and skyscrapers of nyc.

and then when i first started coming to l.a i was amazed that this was a CITY but that people primarily lived in houses. and granted, many of the houses in l.a are kind of ugly and beige.

but then there are these perfect little jewel box mid century houses, reminding me of my post-adolescent l.a/california visions. and i guess one could argue that architecturally these mcm houses aren’t as arbitrary as norman castles or swiss chalet in the desert.

i mean, architecture like this opens itself to the outdoors but keeps the sun at bay when necessary. and it has the quasi-privacy screen, sort of saying ‘well, we like our privacy, but it’s ok if you peek a little bit’. the paradox of exhibitionist privacy.


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Albert Frey House II, Palm Springs, USA.

The awesome write-up and more photos here

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Souto de Moura | House in Alcanena,  1987-92 
Via 1



Souto de Moura | House in Alcanena,  1987-92 

Via 1

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Casa 7A, Villeta, Colombia by Arquitectura en Estudio and Natalia Heredia | via

The challenge was to design a country house in the surroundings of the town of Villeta (Colombia), 1.5 hours to the west of Bogotá; at 967 meters above sea level, with a predominantly hot and dry weather all year round. The site’s constraints were very clear; a very steep land that starts at the top of a hill going all the way down to the stream “El Cojo”. The brief asked for a built area of 550m2, including 3 rooms, studio, service and social areas, a terrace and a swimming pool, all this under one essential demand: the house must be able to be completely closed whenever it’s not in use.

The place defines completely the conception of the project. We start from two basic elements in architecture:The roof, which protects from the elements, but at the same time serves as a tool to relate directly to the surroundings. The roof, clean and horizontal, frames the landscape and protects from sun and rain, while it dilutes the limits between the inside and the outside, between the natural and the man-made.

The patio, the space that allows us to bring nature into architecture, helps us gain control over the natural elements which would otherwise be alien. The patio generates an intimate scale generating close relations and sensations, in contrast to the long views provided by the mountains.

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Summer home in Iceland by ASK Arkitektar.

posted on 14.05.03

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